Monday, January 19, 2009

A Rare Night Out

Part of my birthday present was shipping Caitin and Harrison off to spend the night at their grandparents' houses and getting a rare night out on the town with our two very best couple friends--the Mayers and the Aronsons. We started the night by eating at one of my favorite restaurants, Bonefish Grill. They did not disappoint! We then went to hear a band at a local place. It was a fun night spent with some very special people. Too bad we don't get to do it more often! But you can tell we are getting old because we were home and in bed by midnight!

Look at our yummy food at Bonefish!

Laura, Shannon, and I stop outside for a quick snapshot.

Aren't we a sweet birthday couple?

Tim and Shannon Mayer hamming it up for the camera!

Todd and Laura Aronson being lovey-dovey!


Sarah said...

Hi, Beth F told me about your blog. I enjoyed reading about what's been going on with you. The kids are getting so big. Happy Late Birthday. We will have to get together soon- tell everyone I said hi.
Sarah M.

Heather said...

Happy Belated Birthday (and half-birthdays)!!!

Jolie said...

Love the Blog, Happy Belated Birthday to everyone. Hope everyone is doing well.