Saturday, January 17, 2009

Caitlin's 1/2 Birthday

Since Caitlin's Birthday is in the summer (June 15), she doesn't get to celebrate her birthday at school with her classmates. So we decided in Kindergarten we would celebrate her 1/2 birthday instead. But the only problem with that was that fell in December--right on their Christmas Party day. So...we quickly changed it to her 7 month birthday celebration! That worked out because it fell on my birthday. So now I take a 1/2 day off on my birthday to take cupcakes to Caitlin's class. I'm figuring this will probably be the last year I get to experience this since she is getting to be so grown (3rd grade!). Maybe one more year!!

Caitlin enjoying her 1/2 birthday cupcake!

Caitlin and Carly celebrating

Mrs. Boyer's 3rd grade class at Monrovia Elementary

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