Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Playing Phase-10 with Todd, Laura, and Todd's mom

Cheers with grape juice for Taylor and Caitlin! Caitlin said,
"This is like what we have at church!"

Alex and Harrison, the two newest Rust-eze race car drivers

We continued our yearly tradition of ringing in the New Year with our good friends, the Aronsons. Todd and Laura have two children that are perfect playmates for our children. Taylor is a year younger than Caitlin and is one of her best friends. Alex is a year older than Harrison, but it seems as if they were twins separated at birth! We had a lot of fun playing cards and wishing each other a happy and safe New Year. We hope and pray that each of you have a joyous New Year!

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MEREDITH said...

We looked for ya'll last night to see if you wanted to come over and watch the ball drop with us. Y'all are just too popular. Oh, well maybe next year!