Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy First Day of School!

When I got up bright and early this morning, I jumped in the shower eager to start Caitlin and Harrison's first day of school at their new school! After much prayer, we transferred them to our neighborhood school from them going to school with us where we teach. It was a big decision which did not come lightly AT ALL!
Well all summer long, they have been super excited about going. Especially when buying school supplies and new school clothes!

I packed their backpacks and lunchboxes for them and placed them by the front door so they would see them as they came down the stairs.
Little did I know that as I proceeded to wake up both kids what I would find!
Harrison pretty much jumped out of bed ready to go, but Caitlin was a total different story. First she had set her alarm clock wrong and woke up an hour early. So she met me at the top of the stairs after she had gotten out of the shower. Unfortunately that gave her ample time for the nerves to settle into her stomach! She stayed in the bathroom for about 30 minutes, ate 4 Tums, and swore that she was going to throw up. (Luckily she didn't!) After rubbing her back and trying my best to calm her down, she was FiNaLlY and reluctantly ready to go.

But she was not near as excited as her little brother! He said he couldn't wait to meet some new friends.

This is the best picture I got of her with her new backpack and lunchbox. See the forced smile? She had already told her Daddy and me that she did NOT want us to walk her to her new 6th grade classroom. She only wanted us to walk her up the stairs. That quickly changed as we entered the school building, and she realized that the other Sixth Graders were walking by themselves WITHOUT parents! So she turned around to us at the staircase and said "Good-bye. You can go now." Talk about tears for this Mama!!!!

But not Harrison! He kept asking if both Mommy and Daddy were going to walk him to his classroom. He was soooooo excited!!!!

We walked into Mrs. Large's classroom, and...

he found his seat immediately and said "I'm good. Love you. Good-bye." Tears again! (But these tears were happy tears because he is so well-adjusted and absolutely loves school. For this, I am one happy Mama.)
So Daddy and I left that school to go to our own In-Service for the day. I got home in time to meet the bus carrying my sweet babies.

And these are my two drenched babies with smiles on their faces! (A thunderstorm came up about 5 minutes before they were dropped off--just great!)
After they told me ALL about their day at school, I asked what they would rank their day if 10 was the absolute best and 0 was the absolute worst. They both shocked me with their answer---9!

So even though Caitlin had all kinds of butterflies in her stomach this morning, her day ended up being great. And I was pleasantly surprised that Harrison's was the same. And they both met new friends just like Harrison wanted!

A great beginning to our school year!

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A Wife and a Teacher said...

I'm so glad they had a good day!! I still remember my first day at school without my mom, I was in 9th grade. I hope they continue to have a wonderful school year!!

Today was our first day back, I came home and took a 2 hour nap!