Monday, August 15, 2011

What Happened at Our House Last Night

We had finished supper last night, and I was cleaning the kitchen when I heard a terrible, horrible, awful sound from our closet.
Look what I found....

Yes, that is the long clothes rack that fell off the wall. And yes, those are all my clothes now in a huge heap on the closet floor on top of my shoes. And yes, my dear, sweet husband is back at Lowe's for a second time tonight getting parts to fix it.
And no, our life is NeVer dull around here!


A Wife and a Teacher said...

The same thing happened years ago at my parents house when I was home alone one scared me soooooo bad!!!

I hope your first week back is going good!

John & Michelle said...

Hi Beth! Nice to "meet" you! I appreciate the sweet comment you left on my blog! We had only been in our home 11 days when the tornado came so needless to say our lives got a bit crazy for a while! Things seem to be getting back to normal now! We are back in the house (most of it brand new) and our Piper started Moms Morning Out at Lindsey Lane on Monday...some tears but thinking today will be better!