Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harrison Said

There are a few things Harrison has said this first week of First Grade that I really, really want to remember!

  • When we got to his classroom on Monday morning, and he sat down in his desk, we realized it was a little bit wobbly. Harrison said to me, "Mommy this desk wobbles. Will you bring me a new one from your class?"

  • After he came running down the bus steps on the first day of school, I was asking all the typical questions then I asked him to rank his first day. He said, "Well at first it was a 10, but then I got in trouble for talking in the bathroom, so it's a 9!"

  • Monday night his big sister, Caitlin, was telling us that they didn't get to Science on the first day because they had so much to go over like the rules and such. Harrison said, "Well we didn't get to nap today. Can you believe it?"

  • His teacher is named Mrs. Large, and he thought that was hilarious the first time he heard her name. He then asked me, "Is there a Mrs. Small too?"

I am so very thankful that we have had such a great beginning to our new school year! I only hope the rest of the year runs this smoothly!!

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