Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rivalry at Such a Young Age!

Okay...so if you know me or my family either personally or through my blog, you know that we are BIG...

Well apparently that fan status has rubbed off on our youngest family member, Harrison.

I work with one of the sweetest ladies who is a HUGE...

... fan (not that there is anything wrong with that!) And Harrison knows that fact due to her collection of orange and white t-shirts. On Friday, he saw Mary in the hallway at school and told her, "Roll Tide! There's gonna be a beatdown in K-Town!"
Luckily she laughed and laughed, picked him up, and sang Rocky Top to him!
Well, on Saturday night after the ball game had ended (and we were the winners!), Harrison asked if we could call Mrs. Mary. Randy was all for rubbing the win in, so I dialed her number and Harrison proceeded to sing Rocky Flop!
Thank goodness she is such a sweet friend and only laughed!

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