Saturday, October 2, 2010

Got Your Running Shoes?

Yesterday was the Comet Chase Fun Run at mine and Harrison's school. It's just like the Boosterthon Fun Run but ALL the money stays at our school instead of part of it going to pay the guys who organize the Fun Run. Luckily it was a beautiful Fall day with temps only in the high 70's!

And guess who was the DJ?!?

Yes, that's right...Randy was the DJ for the entire festivities all day long! Harrison was thrilled to have his Daddy there as the guest celebrity!

Harrison ran 31 laps out of a possible 35!

Here he is stopping for a water break with DJ Daddy.

I also got to cheer on my little runner!
After Harrison's Kindergarten classes ran, my First Grade class got to participate in the Comet Chase Fun Run.

We were all pumped up to run as many laps as possible and dance to the fun music that DJ Randy had on for us!

Afterwards, it was apparently cool to turn your shirt backwards!
It was a fun, fun day!!

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