Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monrovia v. Buckhorn

If you've known me for very long or read this blog, then you know that my sweet hubby, Randy, coaches football at Monrovia Middle School. He has always coached 7th Graders, but this year he moved up to the 8th Grade team. I'm so proud of him! However this means that the games don't start until 6:30 (if we're lucky) and don't get over with until too late for us!! Caitlin, Harrison, and I have been to every Home game this year to support our man, but we have not been able to stay past half time which is usually around 7;15 or 7:30 because we have to get home to get baths, brush teeth, and get to bed. And as Randy so nicely put it, I have not taken any pictures of the games this year! (Well, it's really hard to remember to bring your camera in when you're lugging all the other "junk" that goes into a football game!)
Anyway...I remembered the camera when we went to see them play Buckhorn on Thursday night.

There's our Coach Daddy!

Great play, boys!

And Monrovia scores!!!!

But there Coach Daddy is still on the sidelines concentrating on what will happen next! He says that coaches just don't celebrate.
The score was 14-6 when we left at half time, and they ended up losing to Buckhorn 28-20! Oh well...they'll get 'em next time!!

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