Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Doctor's Visit and Game Night

Sorry for the boring title, but it's all I got! We have had one long week, and I am so ready for the weekend!
Harrison and I were up most of the night on Wednesday with his ear hurting. It got so bad that I asked Randy if I should load up and take him to the ER! We didn't because he ended up falling sound asleep around 3:00 and slept soundly till 6:00. (That was a fabulous 3 hour rest I desperately needed!) We got dressed, and I took him to his school nurse just to let her confirm it was an ear infection. As soon as we walked in her office, she took one look at his little red, draining ear and declared that he had a ruptured eardrum. So no wonder he was in such pain the night before!! I took him on to the doctor who confirmed the nurse's diagnosis and gave him mega-antibiotics to help it heal.
As we were leaving the doctor's office, I was smacked in the face with the knowledge that I have officially spoiled my kids. Harrison asked if we could go to Gigi's Cupcakes! Every time that we have been to the doctor lately (which seems to have been a lot!), we have made a side trip to the cupcake store afterwards. Well, after what he had been through with his ear I was not about to say no!

Doesn't that look yummy?!?
His ear still looks awful because it is draining, but he feels so much better! So he got to make our Friday night plans for us.
And this is how we spent our Friday night...
1. dinner at Nothing But Noodles
2. window shopping at Target at the DS games
3. playing games together in our pajamas
While we were at Target, we spied a game that looked like a lot of fun and decided to buy for our Family Game Night. It's called Headbanz and is so much fun!
Here we are playing it at our kitchen table. You wear a plastic headband and place a card in the headband without looking at it.

You have to ask your fellow players yes or no questions to try and figure out what the picture is on your forehead. We laughed and laughed until some of us almost cried! It was a fun way to relieve all the stress of the week.
Thank you, Harrison, for planning a fun family night together!

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Sarah said...

Poor Harrison! I'm glad he is feeling better.

What a wonderful way to spend a Friday night with your family!! We played games with some friends on Sunday night and had a blast.

Thank you for your prayers. It has been a hard week!