Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Congratulations Bekah!!

So, there was something in the drinking water at my school this past year. These 3 beautiful girls...

Ashley, Bekah, and Amanda...were all pregnant at the end of the school year. We gave them a joint shower on the last day of school. How much fun did we have!!

These are my FaBuLoUs First Grade Friends with our 2 preggo girls at the shower.
Well....Bekah in the pink had her sweet baby girl on Monday afternoon! Her name is Sophie Layne, and we went to visit them in the hospital yesterday.
Funny story: I was holding little Sophie Layne, and Harrison was totally amazed at this tiny baby. He wanted to see her tiny toes, and he couldn't believe how small her fingers were! It was really, really sweet.
Bekah asked him if he wanted one of those at our house, and he said, "Yes!! I want two!! A boy and a girl."
Can you imagine!?!


Stephanie said...

Just hopped over from Jenna's Journey. How cute of him to say that!

Miss M! said...

It's always a little freaky when you get multiple people pregnant at once in the same group. That's how it is right now in our playgroup! So many new babies!