Saturday, July 31, 2010

Class of 1990

Yep...that's my graduation year all right! (So I'm revealing my age!)
Last night was the "Casual Get-Together" part of our reunion at Embassy Suites for all of us old folks. Just for the record...I don't feel old. We had a lot of fun seeing familiar and some not-so-familiar faces. My graduating class consisted of about 600 students, so it was hard to know everybody!

Randy (who knew a lot of my classmates since he's from Huntsville too), Me, and one of my best friends from high school-Erika

My good friend, Mary Lee and her date. I have known Mary Lee since First Grade!

Gary, Me, Deana, Erika, Kim, and Tina
We were all big buddies in high school, and some of us even went to college together. I haven't seen some of them in YEARS!

Erika, Kim, and Tina
Kristine, who I met the first day of high school in 9th grade English, and Erika (I didn't know I had this many pictures of Erika! But we stayed next to each other most of the night trying to recognize faces and remember names.) handsome date and me!
Today we went on a tour of my high school. I took Caitlin with me, and boy was it eye-opening! Lots of things have changed, but lotsof things have stayed the same--isn't that true in most areas of our lives?

The tiger mural in the lunchroom has been redone. It's a lot better, I promise!

This painting on the gym wall is still there.

And the big letters in front of the school are still there, thank goodness! We took many a picture in high school in front of these letters. But back then we were braver and would climb all over the letters.
It has been a fun weekend down memory lane!

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