Saturday, April 10, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

It was Opening Day at Palmer Park, and Harrison had his very first T-ball game today.

Posing for pictures before heading to the ball park

They had team pictures before the game. Here is the Red Sox T-ball team.

Individual shot of my superstar
Then it was game time!

Coach Daddy giving some last minute advice.

First at bat. He's really concentrating on that ball!

And he hits it!!!

First run!!

Getting lovin' from his sweet teacher and ball Mom, Mrs. Spears

Goin' for the ball

"Alright Guys--last batter! Let's get up out of the dirt and focus for just a few more minutes!"
Isn't this classic T-ball?!?

Shaking hands with the Angels

Then I totally embarrassed Caitlin by making her pose with Homer, the Huntsville Stars' mascot.

Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa came to cheer on Harrison.

And so did my dear teacher friend, Debbie, because she is so in love with him! (But who isn't??? Ha-ha)

Two tired coaches and one happy little boy after the game

We had so much fun at the ball park today! Of course we will be spending every Saturday there for the next 8 weeks plus a few nights here and there so we better enjoy ourselves!

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