Saturday, January 16, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday...

I had a fantastic birthday thanks to my FaBuLoUs family!!
It started out early in the morning with a gourmet meal delivered by my sweet, sweet husband! But before we could eat, it was present time...

Harrison gave me the coolest houndstooth scarf and hat which I couldn't wait to wear. (Not the hat, though, otherwise it would have messed up my hair--ha-ha) Caitlin gave me computer accessories I had asked for, and Randy made a big hit with the Wii Fit Plus!! I just hope it's not a hint:)

Blowing out the candle on birthday biscuit
Then I made my way to school where I had more presents waiting for me.

My friend, Laura, gave me a Gigi's cupcake! I've never had one before, and it was SOOOOOO good. Words cannot even describe how delicious that double fudge cupcake was!
My sweet first graders also made me cute birthday cards plus they sang Happy Birthday to me at lunch.
We then had a date with my family at Carrabba's. The food did not disappoint! But the funniest thing was the children (aren't they always the highlight of any family gathering?).

Our waiter gave them dough to play with, and once they discovered how funny it was to put it on their faces--there was no stopping them!

The boys' new mustaches

The birthday couple
We then walked over to Ben & Jerry's where my parents wanted to get ice cream for dessert. Guess who were the only takers?!?

The kids, of course!! (Caitlin had just gotten in trouble for walking off to watch the "jumpy thing" without telling anyone!)
It was a fun birthday! Thank you to my wonderful family for such a great day!

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