Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!!

Well, we got to sleep in this morning since we already knew school was closed before bedtime last night. But when we finally did wake up (at 7:30), we found this outside:

We stayed outside for a long time playing in it. Here's a glimpse of our morning:

SnOwBaLl FiGhT!!!!!

Taking a break to say cheese for the camera!

Now switch places so we will remember Daddy playing in the snow too!

Look at all this snow on my hands!

Making a snow angel

And look at the cute little snowman we made!
We had to make it on the driveway because that's the only place the snow had accumulated.
We then came in to thaw out and play...
"Just Dance" on the Wii. Both of them are SOOOOOOO competitive and get so mad with either the game or each other when they do badly!

Of course, we had to have some hot chocolate to warm up also.

See how hard he's concentrating? It's a true science mixing up the marshmallows and whipped cream into the hot chocolate.
So that's been our Snow Day today. We are now waiting on the BCS Championship game to start so that we can cheer on our Crimson Tide!

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