Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cooties and Dancing

Since that nasty stomach bug has infected the rest of my house, I am home today with Harrison just resting on the couch and trying not to run to the bathroom too many times with him!
But last night we were not feeling bad (yet!) and Caitlin was feeling much, much better! So we went here...

to see this cute little dancer.

Caitlin's tap routine is a competition piece this year which means they will be travelling to Montgomery in February to compete in Dance Masters of America. They were also invited to perform it at the Dance Jubilee.

It's called "Big Bad Wolf" and set to the song "Brick House."

Caitlin is the cutest hard hat-wearing pig out there!!

They wear me out just watching them run around the stage like that!
She is such a perfectionist and realized that she messed up a few steps on stage, so when we got home she had to rerun the routine SEVERAL times!! Thankfully we are 70's music fans:)

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