Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If You Take a Teacher to the Pumpkin Patch...

My class went on a Field Trip to Lyon Family Farms in Taft, Tennessee, today. It was a gray day with lots and lots of mud, but it was wonderful to be outside especially since we have had so much rain lately. I loved, loved, loved being with this great group of first-graders! I prayed and prayed last summer over each and every name on my class roll, and God truly answered my prayers with such a wonderful class! We had such a fantastic time together learning in God's classroom. We got to go on a hayride to the pumpkin patch so that we could pick our pumpkins.

Which pumpkin to pick?
Then we were off to the petting zoo area.

The goats were in dire need of some attention!
After that we heard a story from Mrs. Martha about pumpkins.

She even fed us pumpkin seeds!
Finally we made our way through the corn maze.

Look at all that yucky mud!! The maze then opened up to a fabulous playground where we played for a LONG time.
It was such a fun day as evidenced by 2 smiling teachers who were allowed out of the classroom for a day...
How thankful I am for my job, my teacher friends, and my great group of first-graders!!

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