Friday, October 23, 2009

An A+ Kinda Day

Yesterday was Report Card Day, and Caitlin had the best one she has ever had!!!! Just look:

Yes, that is STRAIGHT A's!!! We are so very proud of her! Because if you didn't know it, 4th grade is H-A-R-D! We give all the glory to God and his wonder workings in her!
Harrison got a progress report as well, and his didn't disappoint either! He gets S for Satisfactory, P for Progressing, and N for Needs Improvement. Well, except for tying shoes, he had S's!!! Talk about smart kids. And since they had both worked so hard in school, we did our usual treat for supper. And lo and behold! They both agreed on going out for pizza. I guess miracles will never cease!

Here she is....Miss Straight A's!

And here is my smart Pre-schooler not wanting his picture made AT ALL!!
So, all in all, we had an awesome Fall Day at our house!

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