Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Break Trip to Gatlinburg

Last week for our Fall Break Vacation, we travelled to Gatlinburg, TN with our very good friends, the Mayers-Tim, Shannon, Delaney, and Annie. The week started out with beautiful weather, but we had to deal with a little bit of rain and thunderstorms during our stay. We didn't care because we were in such good company! Also there is so much to do and see in Gatlinburg that it didn't dampen our spirits. We rented a cabin WAAAAAY up in the mountains (it was a long and winding drive to get there!). We could see a long way off in the distance from our cabin. It was a beautiful view! The leaves on the trees had just started changing colors which made for gorgeous scenery. This was the view from our porch plus a snapshot of Shannon and me enjoying our time off with our families.

We also had fun doing some of the touristy things like:

checking out the fake black bears, posing with all the fall scenery, and riding the Ober Gatlinburg cable car.
We took a hike one day...

...followed by a picnic lunch in the forest.
And one night we went out to eat at Bennett's, a famous BBQ restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg.
Caitlin took this picture of us. I thought she did pretty well, don't you?
One night Tim went out to the trash cans and spotted a raccoon. Well, that raccoon wanted so badly to come into our cabin.
I snapped this picture right as everyone was shooing me back into the cabin. We definitely didn't want a mad raccoon trapped inside with us, but I wanted a picture of that raccoon! It's amazing what we'll do for a picture for our blog!!
We had such a good time in the mountains, and it was sad to have to come back to our "real" life. Oh well....there's always next year!

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