Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Lunch

Our Family Tradition is to host Easter Sunday Lunch at our house. It's a big task, but it is well worth it! My parents, Randy's parents, and my sister and her family all come over to eat and celebrate Jesus' Resurrection. It gets louder and more fun each year as the kids get older. I look forward to Easter almost as much as Christmas because we really have something to celebrate on Easter--not just His birth, but what He really did for us. It's just amazing to me that someone would think I was that special to die for!! Oh I know there are plenty of love songs out there that sing about it, but when you get down to it--who would really die for you? I just love Jesus, and I love Easter because I feel like we need to reflect on what He did for us! Anyway, on to pictures...

My parents (Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa) make up an Easter Basket for each of the grandkids each year. Here they are with their goodies: Stephanie, Caitlin, Pa-Pa, Harrison, Ma-Ma, and Daniel.

Hunting eggs

Found one!!

"I love you, Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa!"

Grandaddy and Grandmother in their Easter finest! As you can see, Caitlin just HAD to change out of that dress! She can only be my girly-girl for so long in a day.

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