Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daddy's New Toy

Daddy (aka Randy) got himself a new toy today! It was not really by choice, mind you. Our old lawnmower has been giving him fits for the past year. He has replaced the battery twice and both of the back tires. That got him through last summer. However, when he tried to crank it up last weekend, it just sputtered. He tried to replace the spark plugs, but that didn't make it crank this time around. So instead of pouring more money into our 14-year-old beast, we bit the bullet and bought a new one this morning. But not before shopping around. Oh no! My husband doesn't just go out and buy something spur of the moment. He is a Consumer Reports kinda guy (which I really love about him). So after researching and looking at yard sales for used ones to get us by, he finally bought a bright red one (my favorite color!).

Too bad Big Boy Toys are made for work!

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