Saturday, April 11, 2009

2nd Easter Egg Hunt

Harrison had his second Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday at Ms. Rita's with his friends. They ate yummy snacks while we, the Mommies, went out and hid all the eggs. Then Ms. Rita let them loose with their Easter baskets to find all the eggs. Harrison found quite a few eggs--some were basketball and baseball eggs which he was very excited about! He then got to sit and compare candy with his friend, Jacob. I was very proud of Harrison afterwards. He saw that one little girl, Jerrica, only had a few eggs so he put 3 of his eggs into her basket. It made this Mommy's heart smile! They had a good time!

Finding one of those good sports eggs!

"Look! I got Starburst in this egg!"

Posing with his friends and Ms. Rita after collecting the eggs. Notice he's sitting next to his friend, Jacob. They were busily comparing who got the best candy!

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