Saturday, November 15, 2008

Typical Fall Saturday

We had a fun day today. I had to pick Caitlin up at Delaney and Annie's house first thing this morning after she "accidentally" fell asleep there last night! I really didn't mind because she always has such a fun time at their house. Then Caitlin was invited to Kyleigh's birthday party (a girl in my first grade class) at Build-a-Bear Workshop at Parkway Place Mall. It was a lot of fun building a Hannah Montana Bear with my baby girl plus seeing some of my favorite students on a Saturday. We did a little bit of Christmas shopping while we were at the mall before coming home to our boys. Now it is almost time for the Bama/Mississippi State game. Hopefully Bama will win!


Allison said...

yay! Welcome to the world of blogging! I love reading my friend's blogs to see what is going on with them! (plus I am a little nosey!) Look forward to reading! Make sure you print it off every so often so you can save it for the kids!

The Smith's said...

Yeah...Allison beat me to the punch. I too was going to say welcome to the world of blogging. Sometimes it is hard to find time to keep it up, but that is when you may see 4 or 5 day postings all at once. All I can say is blog when you can. :o)
Look forward to keeping up with you all.

Whitney said...

Welcome! (found your blog linked to other blogs I follow). :) Love's a great way to save memories for the kids.