Saturday, July 7, 2012


So, we have been on the whirlwind carousel the last few weeks.
First, we had Vacation Bible School at our church the week of June 25-29.

Shocker Alert: I did NOT volunteer this year!!!

I felt so guilty about it at first, but then God really eased my mind as the week went on.
See...I started volunteering in VBS when Caitlin was three years old (that's 9 years ago!).
I was with her every year, and I loved every minute of it.
When Harrison came along, I started alternating years between them.
Well, this year was her turn until she very politely said to me at the supper table one night, "Mama, you can stay with Harrison this year in VBS."
I knew that was my cue to "Back off, Betty!"

So every morning, I went for my run (You have to go early in the summer in Alabama or you'll melt!), dropped them off at the church, then came home to my sweet hubby.
One morning we went to breakfast and another we just sat on our back porch and talked.
So I feel like we had good, quality "Husband and Wife" time instead of "Mommy and Daddy" time!
Well, during one of those talking times, he says (out of the blue!), "Why don't we go to DC next week?"
We started researching hotels, restaurants, attractions, and mileage and decided to do it!
(Mind you, we are NOT spur-of-the-moment people!)

So that's where we have been since Sunday night.

We got home at midnight last night, and I am slowly going through all of our pictures, unpacking, and doing a mountain-ful of laundry.

Before we left, I had a Girls' Night Out, Caitlin got her pointe shoes, and I ran in a 5k race with a sweet friend.
So it has been busy, busy, busy around here!

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