Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Third Day in DC--Fourth of July!

We were very excited to get to spend the Fourth of July in our nation's capital!
We had no trouble getting out of bed on Wednesday!

We rode the Metro Subway for the first time which made Caitlin and Harrison oh, so happy!
Funny story: When we came back from downtown, we weren't sure which stop was ours. Luckily, I took this picture before we boarded the train that morning, and we were able to see where to get off the train! Thank goodness for digital photography! 

We found a spot pretty quickly for the parade. 

Don't know why I have two pictures of us waiting for the parade to start, but you can definitely see how crowded it was! 

We felt pretty patriotic. 

And it was neat to see the "Redcoats." 

Uncle Sam showed up too.

 They recreated the Iwo Jima statue which was awesome.
As we were leaving to go get some lunch, I snapped this cool picture of my angels with that fabulous monument in the background.
 After watching the parade during the hottest part of the day, we decided we needed to cool off and get some lunch. What better place than the Food Court in the bottom of the Ronald Reagan building???
When we were thoroughly cool and our tummies were full, we made our way to...

the White House.
There were no tours on the Fourth of July because of all the security for the celebrations that night. 

We still enjoyed seeing where our Presidents have lived during each of their terms.
Harrison said that he wanted to live there too!
Maybe one day, Son...

We were a little exhausted from the sun as you can see...
They had to take a break while we were waiting to enter the White House Visitor Center.

Even the wildlife had to take a break in the heat!! 

 They reenacted the First Continental Congress at the White House Visitor Center on the Fourth of July and read the Declaration of Independence. It was neat to see actors playing the parts of real people in our history.

They even had a table set up so you could sign your own copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Both of them had to do this!

After all this reenactment excitement, we ate some supper then headed to find a spot to watch the fireworks.

We found a perfect spot right in front of the Washington Monument. 

They were so beautiful!

Caitlin took a picture of us to commemorate the 21st anniversary of our first date!
Can't believe it's been that long ago that I first met and fell in love with him!

 We were amazed by the show!

I snapped a picture of the kids as soon as the show was over right before we were almost trampled!!
No lie...there were so many people rushing for the Metro Trains to get home that they didn't care who they pushed and shoved!
Thank goodness we held onto each other and made it safely to our train and our hotel for the night.

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