Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Tornado Friday

This was what went through North Alabama Friday morning as my sweet First Graders were taking their Spelling Test. As soon as we heard the siren, they jumped up with their Reading books and lined up to go in the hallway. I guess that is one thing that April 27 taught them: to be prepared for bad weather! I had to comfort 2 of my girls because they lost their homes in the April tornado, but they were really okay through it all. We sat and sat and sat in that hallway for a looooooong time, but thankfully our school was not one of the ones hit. Three different schools in our area sustained damage to their buildings. I just can't imagine how scary it must have been for those teachers and students as they huddled together in their hallways and safe rooms while a huge storm was roaring outside! We were able to leave school early so that we could get home to our families, but it took me over an hour to reach my house (That drive normally takes me 25 minutes!) because of all the downed power lines and trees across the roads. I am just so thankful that there weren't more injuries and damage!

But Lord, please keep the tornadoes away!!!!

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