Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Party in Heaven

I have to brag on my kids today!

I think my baby girl is precious, but she really proved that point this weekend.

Ever since my Mama died in October, Harrison has been asking questions about God, Jesus, and Heaven. I knew the wheels in his head were turning! Caitlin told me Friday night that he had asked her all sorts of religious questions during the week while they were together at Grandmother and Grandaddy's. I was so proud of her when she told me exactly what they talked about and how she answered his questions.

As we were finishing up supper on Saturday night, Harrison pulled out a book entitled "Salvation." I asked him where he had gotten it, and he replied, "My big sister." (Envision swelled head of an eleven-year-old here!) We started talking about the book, and we ended the conversation with Harrison asking Jesus to come live in his heart!!!!!!

Caitlin then told him that Ms. Osborn and Ms. Lamb said that whenever a person prays that prayer, they have a HUGE party in Heaven. He said, "I bet Ma-Ma is having the biggest party of all! (And yes, he was probably right!)

It's moments like these that make you realize that maybe you are doing some things right with these precious children that God entrusted to you!

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Heather said...

So special and what a blessing for you all! God is definitely celebrating!