Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a Week!!

Well...we started the week showing our love for each other and with a sick little boy.

He came home early on Monday with a fever of 100.5 and stayed home on Tuesday with his Daddy to recover. This is what I came home to on Tuesday:

Well, he went back to school on Wednesday only to come to me at lunch on Thursday with a fever of 101.5! We left school and immediately made our way to the doctor. The nurse said he felt very hot when she touched him, so she took his temp and it had already risen to 102.3!! She gave him some Motrin, did a strep test and a flu test, and then let him rest.

Lo and behold...Harrison has strep! So it was another day at home on Friday to help him get better. We ended up staying at home on Saturday (except for a quick trip to Publix to rent a movie) so he would feel better for church today.

We HAD to make it to church today to attend the commissioning service for Caitlin's Mission Trip to Upper Sand Mountain. I just got her back, and she had SOOOOOO much fun and is more than ready to serve again on another mission trip. I love that girl and her beautiful heart!

So...a crazy week only to have to go to school on Presidents' Day tomorrow to make up for our snow days back in January. (Although I would rather go tomorrow than in June!)
Lots of prayers have already been sent up for a healthy household this next week!

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