Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why, Oh Why...

did the stomach bug have to visit MY house?!?
Harrison brought it home on Monday night, and we were up most of the night with him. Randy was the Greatest Dad Ever and stayed home with him on Tuesday. Along with that came the responsibility of doing the vomit laundry, mopping the floors, and Cloroxing the bathrooms. He did ALL of it!!
Caitlin then caught it on Wednesday night and was up most of the night in the bathroom. The Greatest Dad Ever stayed home AGAIN and did all the hard cleaning work for me!!
Can I just tell you that I married the most fabulous man EvEr?!?
Then...I woke up on Saturday morning with the most awful nautious stomach I have had since morning sickness! So I was the one to spend all day running back and forth to the bathroom.
Hopefully with all the Clorox we have used this week, our house will be germ-free for awhile!

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