Friday, November 26, 2010

C is for Christmas

On Sunday, November 21, after our family recovered from the awful stomach bug, we attended our church's Advent Workshop. It's our annual tradition of starting the Advent season.
We were lucky enough to be treated to a puppet show by the 5th and 6th grade puppet group which Caitlin happens to be a member. They started their show with the "Cartoon Song" (I love that song!).

Caitlin was one of the Smurfs in that song.
They then performed "C is for Christmas" for us.

Caitlin was the capital C in that song.

My star puppeteer in the pink.

Caitlin and her two best and oldest friends, Madelyn and Sarah. When you see one at church, usually the other two aren't far behind!
We then got busy making our gingerbread house.

Look at the concentration on those faces!

Daddy even got into the silliness!!

The finished product-YUM!

And I had to have proof that I was there too! (Plus I wanted a picture with my love.)

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