Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roll Tide Roll!

While Harrison and I were bonding over at Mother/Son Survivor 2009, Randy took Caitlin on a road trip. Guess where they went?

To Tuscaloosa, of course!! They spent a Daddy/Daughter Day bonding over Bama hot dogs, the Walk of Champions, and lots of peanuts, I'm told.

They met up with some North Alabama friends while there. Don't you love my girly-girl who has to have the pink jersey?!?

Caitlin got to joust--although it didn't turn out so well for her!

And they got to yell "Rooooooooollllllll Tide" so many times, they were a little hoarse when they got home!

What a great sight to see! Let's hope that the Mighty Crimson Tide can keep it up!

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