Friday, September 25, 2009

Have You Ever Seen Such a Sight in Your Life?

Today was Nursery Rhyme Character Day at Harrison's Pre-school. They have been singing and learning nursery rhymes for about 2 weeks, and this was their culminating activity. The Nursery Rhyme cd has gotten a LOT of playtime around our house lately! We have been asking Harrison who he wanted to be, but he kept saying he didn't know yet. I wondered when he would know, and it was Tuesday when he decided to be "One Blind Mouse." So off we went in search of mouse paraphernalia while singing Three Blind Mice. :) Here is the cutest blind mouse you've ever seen...
Harrison was very anxious to get to school to see what his teacher and classmates would be dressed up as--thus the frowning face at Mommy taking picture after picture!

And here is Little Boy Blue and Little Bo Peep alongside that cute blind mouse. All the kids looked so adorable! There were several Marys with Little Lambs and Jacks (not Gjesvold, but with Jill).

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Sarah said...

Cute!!! I just can't believe how big he is :).