Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spinning My Wheels

Have you ever felt as if you were busy, busy, busy, yet you never got a thing done?! Well, that is the way it has been this week. For some reason we just had a lot piled on our plates. Monday was a holiday, so the week started out very laid back. But...Tuesday night I had a meeting at church, Wednesday afternoon Caitlin had a make-up dance class, Thursday afternoon was Caitlin's regular dance day plus Pizza Inn Night for my school, and Friday was also her regular dance class. I was ready to collapse by then (which I did at about 8:30!). Then on to Saturday...we had birthday parties, Kids Market drop-off, shoe shopping, grocery shopping, plus the normal Saturday clean-up at our house. Whew!! It makes me tired just writing about it all. So nothing exciting really--nothing to take a single picture of! Except we did get to go over to our friends' house, Shannon and Tim, and eat a "Southern" meal of fried chicken and waffles. Never heard of it, but apparently the Food Network calls it a traditional Southern meal! (It WAS delicious) Hopefully next week will hold better photo opportunities for me and be much calmer!


Sarah said...

My week was busy also. We have a restaurant here that is called "Lullie's Chicken and Waffles". Several places around here also have them on the menu. I have not it- I am not a big waffle fun.

Sarah said...

Oops- i meant fan not fun! I need a nap ;)