Monday, February 9, 2009

A Hard Day's Night

To quote the Beatles..."It's been a hard day's night..." Harrison coughed practically ALL night long and ran a fever that long as well so today was a sick day for me. We stayed at home in our pj's until I could get him into the doctor. I took him in because I wanted a chest x-ray done. Let's just say I am paranoid about pneumonia since we spent 2 nights at the hospital last year with the poor little guy! Everything was fine and clear, but Dr. Horton was definitely glad we came in and got everything checked out.
Anyway...during one of his short naps today, I found this poem that I thought fit my life. I wish I could take credit for writing it, but it is by this wonderful artist at 4 little men and girly twins.

my house is spotless, except when it's not picked up
my bathrooms sparkle, except after boys use it
I make a nutritious meal every night, except when we eat out
my children are not loud, except when they raise their voices
my laundry is always done, except when we wear clothes
my children obey the first time, except when they don't listen
the dishes are always clean, except when we use them
my toddler is potty trained, except when he wears a diaper
my spelling and grammar is perfect, except when I don't double check it
my children don't eat sugar, except when we have treats
we always use cloth diapers, except when we use disposables
my children clothes always match, except when they don't
my children always go to bed on time, except when they stay up late
we don't watch TV, except when we watch a movie
my children don't break dishes, except when they drop them
my children put their toys away, except when they leave them out
we read a bible story everyday, except when I forget
I never say anything wrong, except when I misspeak
I am never late, except when we're running behind
I am never stressed, except when I have too much to do
my marriage is perfect, except when I don't make it a priority
my children never act out in public, except when they are being unruly
there is no chaos in our house, except when we are homeI
am put together everyday, except when I don't take a shower
my hair looks perfect, except when I have a bad hair day
my babies sleep through the night, except when they wake up to eat
my windows are clean, except when little fingers touch them
I always finish my to-do list each day, except when I don't get it done
I am not selfish, except when I put myself first
I live my life for Jesus
I love my family
I am a sinner
I am not perfect
I am a regular mama
I can not do it all on my own
I am learning everyday
I do not know everything
I am just like you


Heather said...

I love that poem!!!

I am glad Harrison's appointment went well! Hopefully he is back to normal now!!

Whitney said...

I hope Harrison is feeling better soon! Kinsley has been sick too. She woke up Sat w/ pink eye then this morning w/ a stomach bug.

Sarah said...

I hope that he is feeling better soon!