Friday, May 25, 2012

6th Grade Awards Day

I was lucky enough to get to go to Caitlin's 6th Grade Awards Day on Monday, May 21.

Here's my pretty girl waiting patiently for the program to start.

These are the Character Council winners. (Sorry it's blurry!)

Here she is with her good friend, Kendal, after Awards.

Pa-Paw joined me as one of her fans.

This is her homeroom teacher, Mr. Thaxton.
You can see her Awards in her hands: Character Council, Art (that was displayed in Panoply), and Language Arts Excellence--there were only two 6th graders picked and she was one of them!

Caitlin and Mrs. Armstrong, her Language Arts teacher.

Harrison was so proud of his big sister and her awards.

Caitlin and I then went home to change clothes and then out to eat lunch together, just the two of us. She picked Atlanta Bread which is our favorite girls' place to eat. We then did a little shopping, but we just had fun being together. I absolutely love times like these with my baby girl because I know they will not happen too many more times!

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