Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun Friday in Atlanta

Since we have had some depressing days lately, Randy and I decided to surprise the kids with a quick trip to Atlanta to have some fun. We checked them out of school on Thursday and headed East to the big city. They were soooooo excited!!! (don't know if it was missing school or going on a trip that made their day!)
We checked into our hotel, did a little swimming in their indoor pool, then headed to eat. After a good night's sleep in our comfy beds, we made our way to....

the Georgia Aquarium. We have never been, so we were all a little bit excited.

We got there right in time to watch the scuba diver feed the fish in the first big tank.

My cute kids

Then we (they) petted the sting rays. I'm just not big on putting my hand into smelly water!

Me and my sweet kiddos on our way into the River exhibit.

We then found our seats for the Dolphin Show. It was awesome--almost better than the one at SeaWorld!

Next up: the Penguins

There was a tube to crawl through where the penguins actually swam all around you and

you ended up popping up in the penguin habitat. How cool!

The river otters were next on our list. They were so cute playing around.

My precious hubby and me in the big tank. Didn't Caitlin take a good picture of us?

Caitlin and Harrison on the moving sidewalk

This was the view up above us as we rode on the sidewalk.

And we saw this big guy in there too! Good thing my kids haven't seen Jaws!

Watching all the cool fish swim by. It was so calming!

Outside the Aquarium they have these dolphin statues that different businesses have painted. Caitlin thought this one was too cool.

Of course Randy and I had to have our picture made with the Atlanta Falcons dolphin. Can't go anywhere without thinking football!
After that, we walked down the hill to the...

World of Coca-Cola. We've always wanted to come here too.

There was lots of cool memorabilia in the lobby.

And a very friendly polar bear that we got to meet.

We also met a new character that Coke is introducing in its most recent campaign.

There was lots of neat stuff to this Coca-Cola couch that was on American Idol.

There was also a 4-D theater where we got to wear these cool glasses!

Caitlin got her a glass of Coke from this very old soda fountain.

Harrison loved this old soda delivery truck.

And they got to hold actual Olympic torches that came through Atlanta.

Next came the taste testing. There were 64 different kinds of Coke from all around the world. Some were great, and others made you want to spit them out! It was neat to see all the different flavors that Coke comes in.

Caitlin and I were just happy to get some good, old-fashioned Coke from the United States!

All in all, we had a really fun day in Atlanta. I am so glad that we got to spend some good, quality family time together. We haven't had a chance to do that lately.

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