Friday, September 23, 2011

Maverick Mile

Today, even though we had cloudy skies and a few sprinkles, Mill Creek Elementary School held their Fun Run named the Maverick Mile. I was worried they would cancel it when I was driving to the school and had a few raindrops hit my windshield, but they carried on even in the cool wind. The kids didn't seem to notice at all!

The Bob Jones football team lent the school their inflatable tunnel that the football players run through to get to the field each week. It made it a little bit more special for the kids.

Caitlin's 6th grade run was the first of the day. Here she is after running through the tunnel.
Running laps with her Science teacher, Mrs. Betts. We know Mrs. Betts from Monrovia because her husband used to teach there, and her boys still attend Monrovia.

Me and my sweet girl! I love that she is still excited for her Mama to be there at school for the special events.

Caitlin and her Reading teacher, Mrs. Armstrong

And Caitlin with her favorite teacher, Mr. Thaxton. She is so lucky to have him for her homeroom teacher! He is a strong Christian which is very evident in the way he treats his students. All of her teachers have been such a blessing to us especially with Caitlin transferring schools this year.

Caitlin and several friends from her class after the Run.

I left after Caitlin's Run and went to sit with my Mom for awhile until I had to be back at the school for Harrison's turn.

Look how happy he was to see me! It definitely made my day!

Harrison with his very sweet teacher, Mrs. Large. They were both pretty excited--can you tell?

Getting marked for running one of his laps

Harrison and our next-door neighbor, Jack

The school mascot, Mickey Maverick, was there and ran with the first graders. Harrison was thrilled to get his picture made with him.

Me and my baby boy--he doesn't look too happy does he? He was tired and the sun was in his eyes. At least I have proof that I was there with him even if the picture turned out blurry.

Harrison's first grade class with some really silly faces!

I had a great time with my two sweet children today! I am so happy that I was able to join them on such a fun day.

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