Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Soccer Game

Harrison decided he wanted to try a different sport this fall, and he picked soccer. We are pros at being soccer parents as Caitlin played for 2 seasons when she was younger. She quit because she she didn't like being all hot and sweaty--that's my girly girl!
So Saturday was the day Harrison has been looking forward to since the end of July when we signed him up for soccer--the first game!

Here he is ready to go with his new uniform on!
We drove to the YMCA, met his coach and the rest of the team, and started warming up. He was so happy because he got to play in the first quarter!

There he is on the field.

He even got to throw the ball in once which thrilled him to no end!

Resting with Mommy during the 2nd quarter.

After a little more instruction from Coach Matt, he was back and ready to play.
They ended up scoring 3 goals to the other team's 1 goal, so they unofficially won this first game! He was super excited about that.

Showing off their good sportsmanship by waiting in line to shake hands with the other team and congratulate them on a job well done. The parents also formed a tunnel for them to run through which he loved.

Afterwards he told us that he loved playing soccer today and thanked us for letting him play. AWWWWW! Made me feel so proud to be his Mama!
The only thing that would have made the beautiful day even better was to have my parents there to cheer him on with us.

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