Thursday, August 5, 2010

Police Women of Memphis

We took one last hurrah trip last weekend to Memphis. It was hot, hot, and very hot!! But we had fun being together as a family which is the main reason we went. It was not to see a wild police chase, but you sometimes get more than what you bargained for!
Randy had researched the restaurants of Memphis (maybe that's why he picked this particular city?) and found one that he really, really wanted to eat at. We didn't exactly know where it was on 2nd Street, so we had to do a little bit of walking around downtown Memphis to find it. As we were crossing a street, we saw two police women on their scooters in the street. Right after we were safely across (thank goodness!), a gold, pimped-out, 1978 Caddy comes FlYiNg around the corner and almost hits one of the police women. She yells at him to slow down, and he yells something back that was most likely obscene--luckily we didn't hear him. THEN two Memphis police cars come screeching around the same corner chasing him. They almost hit each other as they are turning another corner in the chase.
As all of this drama is unfolding, my sweet family is standing on the sidewalk with mouths open just watching it all. We really must have looked like out-of-town hicks! But it was something you would see on TV!!
And yes, we finally found the restaurant, but it was closed on Sundays! So we ate at a barbeque joint on Beale Street that happened to have an Elvis impersonator on Sunday nights. So for my little Elvis fan, it was a much more perfect restaurant!
And now we are home safe and sound in our little city that thankfully doesn't have the police drama of Memphis!

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Heather said...

Now that is a vacation you won't soon forget!!! :)