Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten--sniff, sniff

Today was Harrison's first day of Kindergarten!! They do a phase-in of Kindergartners so he got to stay home an extra two days and start today. I'm just gonna put this out there....WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!? It seems like just yesterday I was holding my sweet two-month-old baby boy in my arms as we walked Caitlin to her Kindergarten class. I cried and cried when we dropped her off, but I blamed it on the hormones. Today I had nothing to blame it on but sheer sadness!

Ready to go with his new Batman backpack and lunchbox. I fretted over not getting him the LL Bean backpack with his name embroidered on it, but Randy told me that he is only five years old once in his lifetime and I should let him be a little boy for just one year!

It took the whole family to walk him to class with all his supplies!

Posing under the bulletin board outside his classroom. He was excited that his name was on a striped frog.
We walked in and set everything down where his teacher wanted it. Then it was time for good-bye!

The beginning of tears!
But I hand-picked his Kindergarten teacher, and I know that she is exactly what he needs!

The first of many pictures of Harrison and Mrs. Terrell together.
We went to Sonic after school to get him his first annual ice cream treat. It was a pleasant ending to a stressful day!

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Sarah said...

I am so glad he had a good day!