Monday, September 17, 2012

We really did start school this year!

I know we have already been in school over 4 weeks, but I wanted to document what happened on the very first day of school.
We woke up bright and early to get ready.

After getting dressed, we made our way downstairs to eat some breakast.
Caitlin and Harrison each got to pick what they wanted to eat for breakfast.
Instead of pancakes or chocolate chip muffins like I had planned, Harrison picked a cupcake Pop-Tart and Caitlin picked a Nutri-Grain bar!
They never cease to amaze me.
(Caitlin was too cool for breakfast pictures!) 

Then it was time to get shoes and backpacks on.
Someone was excited for Second Grade! 

However, the other Hollingsworth child wanted nothing to do with the camera.
I think it had something to do with nerves and starting middle school!
Then it was off to school. 

Here is Harrison walking into his classroom.
After this, he made us promise "No more pictures!"
Where have I gone wrong?!?
They have had great starts to their new school years.
Harrison amazes us each day with how well he is reading!
He has made lots of new friends and loves Mrs. Blevins.
Caitlin absolutely LOVES Liberty Middle School!!!
Of course, she is on the Dance Team and has lots of new people to meet which is right up her alley.
I'm just thankful that they both love school!

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